Finding people to support us through our experiences is a paramount necessity to getting better. The people that we can lean on are the ones who we will come to appreciate the most; they are the ones who stand by us through everything and they keep us afloat. When we reach our end-goal of recovery, when we get back the control of our bodies and minds, those people are the ones who we will thank unconditionally for what they have done for us. Without them, we don’t know if we would have gotten through any of it at all. And that gratitude is absolutely earned and valid. We have to express our appreciation to our support system, otherwise, we have taken advantage of them or simply taken it all for granted. But in doing so, we may lose sight of someone else who needs to be shown their value; someone who is out of our site that has been through it all even more than our loved ones. Someone who we can easily forget has the greatest value in all of this fight: you. 

How Lucky We Are to Have Ourselves

We are lucky to have others in our lives that will stand by us through the good and the bad, who take our imperfections and love us despite them. But they aren’t the ones fighting through everything; they aren’t the ones who are, daily, fighting off their own inner demons and keeping their head above water. You are the one who is doing all of that, and while we believe humility is a powerful tool and mindset to have, it is important to recognize when credit should be given for the work you are doing. There is no one else who can possibly do what you are doing. You are a completely unique and special individual, and therefore, your mental health issues are completely your own. No one else can know how to navigate them but you. If this were a young adult novel, you would be the chosen one who must do the saving. So why not show some pride in that fact? Pride is not inherently flawed or wrong; it is the excess and mishandling of pride that causes problems to arise. Don’t back away from feeling that pride in yourself or feeling encouraged by your ability to beat your own brain. You are the most capable person for the job and you are the one who will get the job done, that is without a doubt.

Value yourself and realize how lucky you are to have yourself in all of this. There is value in being you, in being alive and human. Though life may be difficult and complex and may present us with incredibly damaging moments and hardships, it is still beautiful. There is nothing else like it. It gives us the ability to love, be happy, be angry, feel sorrow, and gives us the ability to move on from all those. Life has allowed us to become truly complex beings and we should feel grateful for every day we are given to be alive. There are people around us who make up a lot of what life means for all of us, but we are a huge component of it as well. Our lives are dependent on us and our strength; we hold the greatest power in all of it. There will be people who see this as a display of excess or misplaced pride, but these are people who are insecure with themselves so they project that onto others. The world is full of people like this, and all we can do is keep being us. Soon, they will catch on and realize that the problem lies within themselves and no one else. We are worthy of feeling proud of ourselves and what we do. They can’t take that away from us. 

We are ourselves, we are the only ones who can understand what it truly means to be us. We are completely unique to ourselves and the value that is inherent in that is worthy of every ounce of gratitude you have. Yes, give thanks to the loved ones in your life who stand by you as they are completely worthy of praise, but don’t lose sight of yourself and what you are doing. Even in the times of feeling lost and aimless, the times where everything seems stacked against you, remember that you are the one who is alive. Those hardships are part of life’s complex beauty. It is a gift that we are able to wake up every single day and live our lives. It is a gift to be able to fight each battle and come out on the other side. Remember that you always have the power to win. You are you, remember that. Remember how lucky you are to have yourself. 

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