Finding the balance to better ourselves lays in our mindset. It is easy for us to claim that the ends justify the means and that as long as we are getting to where we want to be, it doesn’t matter how we approach it. But it is important to remember why you are doing something, and remember that how you approach it can determine the consequences you may not take into account. This is prominent in the world of dieting and losing weight. Most of us want to lose weight because it’s healthy and good for us. However, deep down, a lot of us are doing it for approval. We lose weight because we have been told that for us to be good enough, we have to look a certain way. This is especially true in younger people and can be a big reason why young kids can develop eating disorders and other afflictions. Some of us have been there and we know the damage it can do. 

If you go into losing weight with the motivation of impressing others, you are damaging your self-image and self-love. You are letting other people dictate what you are doing and why you are doing it, and that’s just the beginning. On top of that, it helps create the idea that you are not good enough as you are. If there is someone that you have to impress by losing weight, then that means they don’t accept you for who you are. Your personality is nothing to them and that’s not a healthy way of living. You can carry that with you and begin to let it eat away at you. Letting that negative idea fester and grow, as you focus on losing weight by any means necessary, will develop into a much bigger problem.

Drowning Out the Noise

Losing weight should never be about trying to do it for someone else; it should always be about doing it for you. You are the sole reason why you should want to be healthier. Do it because you have so much to give to the world and getting healthier will make it so much easier to do that. Making a health-conscious change is something that can be incredibly powerful. To be able to identify things you want to improve on about yourself is a sign of love. You want to change because you love yourself and you want the absolute best for you. Loving and changing can co-exist together in one, healthy way of thinking. Always remember that you are the reason for the change and keep yourself in the forefront. Go to the gym because you want to, not because anyone else says you should. 

We spend far too much time in our lives thinking of what we can do to impress others. We go into job interviews with the goal of impressing our hopeful employers. We create art with the hopes of appealing to masses of people. We let our lives become defined by what we can do for everyone around us instead of what we can do for ourselves. We exercise because we want to look like the people on television and we want others to look at us with acceptance. But what about the way you look at yourself? What about the times when you’re alone, in front of a mirror, and you have time to just observe yourself? You deserve to be able to feel acceptance then too and that is the most important acceptance of all. How you cherish and respect yourself is far more important than how another person may treat you. We know how hard it is to drive off those thoughts and desires to be accepted, but we also know the power that comes from drowning them out. Hold strong to who you are and use yourself as your motivation to keep going. You are an incredible human being who is beautiful in so many ways. Don’t be afraid of change. You deserve to show the world who you truly are.

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