Benefits of telehealth

With most—if not all—of your social interactions transitioning into the online world; Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, emails, phone calls, etc., your healthcare probably has made the transition, too. This situation has caused a rapid change to your regular ways of doing things, and you might be left feeling overwhelmed. These new practices add layers of stress to your usual amount of daily stress, and they could be threatening your recovery. Isolation and helplessness are among the primary triggers to heading down a negative path toward relapse. You might also be left feeling disconnected from the kind of care you need. That being said, have you given telehealth a fair try?

Telehealth Creates More Opportunity

It is no question that meetings and social occasions held via the internet lack a personal touch, but much like the online opportunities that exist only by way of virtual interaction, there are many benefits to online health care.

Motivation and Accessibility

Telehealth can reach anybody with a phone or internet, meaning it is at your convenience. This is especially enticing if up until now, getting to see a doctor has been hard for you. This includes a disability that might limit you to getting to a doctor with ease—coordinating a ride can be another hurdle that hinders the number of times you see your doctor. Thankfully, since you are able to utilize the benefits of telehealth from the comfort of your home, you will likely be more motivated to do so, especially because you are only moments away from seeing your doctor. This motivation could lead to having more frequent interactions with your doctor, since it eliminates the burden of having to get ready and go out to see a doctor.

Time and Cost Saving

Since telehealth is so convenient, you will likely find yourself appreciating all the time you saved by not having to sit in a waiting room. You get to make appointments on your terms and reach out when you need care. It is also nice to be able to get off the phone or video chat with your therapist and get right into the exercises that they have given you. Not only will these interactions save you time, but also money. In addition to the benefit of cutting costs by eliminating travel time, most doctors are charging less for telehealth visits. This is because it reduces the amount of non-urgent visits to the hospital.

Various Services

Telehealth is not only great for its accessibility, but it offers multiple care options as part of its service. These include support chats and motivational text messages. These kinds of services could lead to an increased program success rate, and as a result, lower the number of people affected by substance abuse overall.

Better Communication

Your doctor has the ability to provide you with the kind of information that is tailored to your needs. They can do this by supplementing your session with video tutorials and talking you through them. Instead of having to wait for a follow-up appointment in the future, your doctors are made more available so you can follow up with them quickly if you have any questions. Since your interactions can occur more frequently, this could help your diagnosis and treatment efficiency rate. This could save you a hospital visit down the road. Likewise, when you are motivated to participate in telehealth phone appointments, you are more likely to maintain your appointments and follow up with yourself on the state of your care. This improved and more frequent communication places more accountability on you, which promotes sustainability to your recovery.

Maintain Privacy

If you worry about your doctor-patient interaction being private, understand that Telehealth services comply with HIPAA laws which help to prevent any medical information from being leaked. These laws are not limited to only emailing services, but also protect you during your video/conferencing calls held over video chat platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom.

Telehealth as a Lasting Form of Help

Given the current times, Telehealth is especially beneficial to your recovery. However, once regulations are lifted and these difficult times pass, telehealth might be a form of medical treatment that you continue to use.

Current times call for taking alternative measures to maintain your recovery. Like every interaction, there will be a period of time to get used to something new, but this does not make it any less useful to you. However, if you are worried about getting the quality of care you need and are skeptical about telehealth, know that there are other options for getting the help you need. True Recovery offers 24/7 care and is determined to find the kind of care specific to your needs. Please do not hesitate to call us today at (866)-399-6528.