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Drug addiction and alcoholism, together known as substance use disorders, is one of the greatest hardships facing many individuals and their families today. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that over 20.2 million Americans aged 18 and over were afflicted with substance use disorder in the year 2014 alone (1).

The importance of finding a quality treatment center for substance use disorders is greater than ever before. One of the crucial factors separating a quality treatment center from the rest is having a highly trained, experienced staff.

Here we take a look at an important certification to check for when choosing a treatment facility: Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC).

What is CADC Certification?

Many states, including California, have specific requirements that must be A 12 step meeting with a CADC presentmet to become a certified substance abuse counselor. In California this certification is known as Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, or CADC for short. The state of California has strict requirements for obtaining a CADC certification, such as a minimum number of educational and experience hours.

Requirements for CADC Certification in California

California has strict requirements for becoming a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor. These include the following requirements (2):

  • 315 hours of education from an accredited university
  • A 255 hour practicum specific to addiction treatment
  • 4,000 hours of supervised experience providing drug and alcohol counseling to clients
  • Pass a written examination
  • Pass a criminal background check
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Why is having a CADC Certification important in addiction treatment?

One of the most critical aspects of a quality treatment center is the staff in which carries out the addiction treatment. Having an experienced and highly trained staff often times will have a major impact on the quality of the treatment center. CADC certification guarantees staff that have education and experience in providing drug and alcohol treatment.

Final Note

This article is intended for those considering a new way of life, free of the pain of drug and alcohol addiction. For more information on recovery and anyone seeking help with addiction and substance abuse problems, please call True Recovery at (844) 744-8783 or visit us online.


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