Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment

Southern California is home to some of the top treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction. For a successful recovery, it is essential that you not only find the best treatment program for you but also take the right steps while in drug rehab.

Costa Mesa is the city neighboring Newport Beach, which is the location of True Recovery’s treatment facility, and it is also where our structured sober living communities are located. When you choose to undergo rehab in or near Costa Mesa, our sober homes can be beneficial to your recovery efforts.

Sober Living in Costa Mesa

As a client of True Recovery, you have the option to stay in sober living homes while undergoing drug rehab. Costa Mesa sober living communities allow you to adjust to clean living in an environment that is both supportive and highly structured.

You’ll have the freedom to explore, shop, and eat in Costa Mesa while adhering to community rules such as regularly submitting to testing for the presence of drugs and continuing rehabilitation as instructed.

Our sober living communities in Costa Mesa are a safe place to transition back into society, and they feature all of the comforts of home.

Benefits of Costa Mesa Living

While in rehab, individuals need a positive and stimulating environment like the one in Costa Mesa. Rehab clients, particularly early on in their recovery, run the risk of relapsing.

Developing new interests and staying active can help reduce the threat of relapse by giving individuals a chance to experience drug-free living while in rehab. Costa Mesa, which is in Orange County, has plenty of activities and events that people in rehab can participate in.

It has numerous cultural attractions that range from Arts in the Park to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Additionally, the predominantly warm and sunny weather serves as a pleasant backdrop during one’s treatment.

The city also has numerous parks and trails to encourage healthy outdoor exercise such as taking a hike, riding a bike, taking a walk, or playing tennis.

The number of outdoor activities that are dog-friendly can be a plus for True Recovery’s pet-owning clients, as we are one of the few extended-care facilities that allow people to bring pets and include them in their treatment.

Getting Treatment

Costa Mesa, with its beauty, culture, and close proximity to our clinical facility in Newport Beach, can be a key part of your transition to living a drug-free life.

Contact us to take part in our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) and to learn how Costa Mesa living can be integrated into your rehabilitation plan.

When you speak with an admissions counselor from True Recovery, we’ll be able to answer questions about Costa Mesa, rehab, enrollment, or any potential issues with your insurance.

Once you’re a client, our highly trained staff will work to create a customized treatment plan that not only includes addiction counseling but will also help find your life passions and set goals to better reduce destructive cravings. Fill out our contact form today to get started.

Our Newport Beach Treatment Facility

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