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The best leaders in life are the ones that have endured and can identify with your struggles. It is so easy to become lost amid the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding addiction because the people deciding and aiding you have not been there themselves. In a legal situation, this can be damaging to your future and your wellbeing.

This kind of ignorance is all-too-common in sentencing. Because of this, those with mental and addiction disorders are often villainized in society. They are frequently condemned to live a life of self-doubt, self-resentment, and resentment toward others while trying to acclimate back into the world.

The stigma is unfair; mental disorders and addictions are diseases. Court Services provided by True Recovery understand who you are and what you are going through. Therefore, these programs can provide you with guidance to avoid such sentencing.

Meet You Where You’re At

The first thing you will notice when consulting Court Services at True Recovery is their sense of compassion and understanding. They are going to meet you where you are in life. They understand that the road to recovery is a lifelong pursuit and that you may not have had the opportunity to start recovering.

They will listen to you, allow you to be heard, and never waver, no matter how pressing or urgent your situation seems. Their goal is to raise awareness and educate society regarding the seriousness and difficulties of addiction and mental disorders. It is their mission to challenge stigmas and foster acceptance.

This mission includes you, your story, and your struggles. They are here to help you in a way that promotes sensitivity and understanding.

Advocates For Change

The mission is to help you while raising awareness of the prejudices that surround addiction and mental health. The professionals you will be consulting are advocates for change. Your story is not just a moral reflection of wrong and right, but an honest reflection of our society. Those at True Recovery will voice your struggles in a way that showcases your courage and integrity.

Thus, they can expose weaknesses in the legal system and show how these practices have oppressed those struggling with addiction and mental disorders. Additionally, they will give you the power to use your voice. The practice of speaking your struggles from your point of view is empowering—not just for you, but for others as well.

Your story may come to motivate entire communities of people suffering just like you. True Recovery will provide you with a platform to feel like a human being that is being heard and taken seriously. The hope is to replace misinformation and misconceptions with empathy and understanding.

Not So Unalike

Your story, choices, and mistakes in life are cut from the same fabric as those helping you through Court Services at True Recovery. Like you, they understand the struggle because they have been through it. They have paid their dues by doing time, community service, and enduring the unfair prejudice and resentment resulting from their choices.

Their triumphs stand as a model for success. While they understand how liberating recovery can be, they also understand how fragile it is. Without proper guidance, you could be destined to repeat your mistakes. This is why it is so essential to have somebody who is going to fight on your side.


When you choose to navigate the legal system with Court Services at True Recovery, you choose a life of recovery. True Recovery understands that your journey does not end after sentencing. In fact, your recovery is just beginning.

True Recovery will assess and monitor the severity of your addiction and mental disorders from the very beginning. They will help provide alternative sentencing that is founded in the philosophy of putting your recovery first.

This pursuit is about seeking help for you instead of punishment. This kind of sentencing will support rehab and practices to develop habits and tools that you can use in everyday life. Instead of staring at the walls of a jail cell, you will assemble a support team of doctors, therapists, and peers.

It will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level by exploring and managing your emotions. The entire process is designed to bring meaning into your life. While it will take work, you will ultimately enjoy the process and grow from the experience. Finally, you will receive the tools to build a life of long-term recovery.

Your recovery comes first. When you find the right treatment, you become the person you are meant to be. Often, misdiagnosis or neglect can hold you back from attaining your true self. True Recovery understands that your true self is inside you and that it will take work to bring it out. When you face legal troubles resulting from your addiction or mental health, choose Court Services at True Recovery. Don’t wait, get a consultation today by calling us at (866) 399-6528.

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