True Recovery aims to help all those affected by addiction find the help and resources they need to live a sober lifestyle. Whether you are in-custody, out on bail or facing current charges, True Recovery can help you or your loved one navigate the complex legal system to find the treatment you need.

This unique program is staffed with professionals that have worked in the criminal justice system and have extensive knowledge of the court system.

We will provide ongoing reporting and advocacy in the courtroom for our clients in the Orange County area throughout the process. This support will allow the individual to focus on the recovery process and developing a new life in sobriety.

What Does the Court Services Program Include?

Our program includes:

  • Reporting to Attorney, Court and Probation
  • Transportation Provided for Court Appearances
  • Family Support and Guidance
  • Full Guidance Through the Legal Process
  • Alternative Sentencing Advocacy

What Is Alternative Sentencing?

Alternative sentencing is when drug offenders are given the opportunity to do a treatment program in lieu of jail. Alternative sentencing programs will usually involve reduced or no jail time for an individual convicted of a drug or alcohol-related crime.

Thanks to increased advocacy for alternatives to jail, alternative sentencing programs have gained popularity as an effective method of getting people the help and treatment they need.

Criminal behavior can be influenced by alcohol or drug abuse with individuals trying to support their addiction. Without this alternative to sentencing, an individual will not be given a chance to overcome these difficulties or be given a chance to create a new life in recovery.

How Does Alternative Sentencing Work?

Rather than face jail time, alternative sentencing provides an opportunity for you or your loved one to receive the help and treatment they need all while learning the essential tools and skills needed to live a sober life.

Courts offer alternative sentences to alcohol and drug offenders in an effort to give them the opportunity for a chance at lifelong recovery and sobriety. The overall goal of these programs is to help those with addiction issues fully recover and not end up in a vicious legal cycle addiction can put us in.

When the court grants a convicted party an alternative sentence through a rehabilitation program, treatment is mandatory and the addict will be required to complete their program and potentially take part in continued drug testing.

The treatment can be short or long-term, ranging from one month to a year or more to complete, depending on the severity of the crime committed.

What Treatments Are Included in Alternative Sentencing?

Some court-approved treatments may include:

  • Dual-Diagnosis Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • Anger Management
  • Urinalysis Testing
  • Individualized or Private Therapy
  • Medically Supervised Detox
  • Addiction Education
  • Group Counseling Sessions
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Alcohol and GPS Monitoring

How Can True Recovery Help with Alternative Sentencing?

True Recovery’s team can give you or your loved one the opportunity to find the help and treatment they need through alternative sentencing. We work directly with individuals, families, their attorneys and alongside various departments within the complex legal system to ensure all parties comply with court orders and directives.

How Can I Learn More About Court Services and Alternative Sentencing?

To learn more about True Recovery’s court services and alternative sentencing program, contact one of our admissions representatives at (844) 744-8783 today or fill out our online contact form.