Heroin Detox

When a person has a physical dependence on heroin, they are faced with serious and potentially dangerous hurdles when they attempt to seek treatment.

Among the greatest threats to one’s goal of a clean and drug-free life are the withdrawal symptoms that occur when a person attempts to stop taking heroin cold turkey.

These are a collection of symptoms that generally start within 12 hours following one’s last use of the drug. Without proper care, they can cause the sufferer extreme discomfort and may even prevent them from pursuing or continuing treatment.

To successfully and safely stop taking the drug, one must undergo a heroin detox, and at True Recovery, we can help make that happen.

Why Heroin Detox Is Necessary

While heroin withdrawal itself is not life-threatening in individuals who are in otherwise good health, the intensity of the experience can be more than some can handle. As a result, it can make them a danger to themselves and even others.

For this reason, a person with heroin addiction requires a specific type of help as their body attempts to readjust to life without it. The first step of overcoming heroin addiction is detoxification.

Heroin Detox in Orange County

This type of care requires medical attention obtained at hospitals or medical facilities with heroin detox centers.

True Recovery is a fully licensed and accredited heroin detox center. After detox, heroin users can look forward to a smooth transition into our addiction recovery programs.

What Does Heroin Detox Entail?

There are several ways that one can detox from heroin, often with the assistance of medications. Medicines can help drastically reduce the symptoms of withdrawal to make the process more comfortable.

Detox with medications may occur on an inpatient or outpatient basis under the supervision of a physician at a medical detox center or hospital. Outpatient detox that can be used for individuals with minor withdrawal symptoms.

This is one of the least recommended methods, however, as people receiving treatment must be relied on to check in. Inpatient detox is typically preferred, as medical care can be administered if an emergency should arise during the process.

What Happens After Detox?

After a successful detox, heroin users move forward to the next crucial stage of their treatment, which is rehabilitation.

At True Recovery, we will arrange for a seamless transfer our detox center to our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) or extended care rehab (PHP) at our Newport Beach facility.

As a part of the recovery process, we offer goal-focused addiction counseling, and our individualized treatment provides our clients with the tools necessary to move forward and cope with a life without the need for heroin.

To do that, we help them realize what their true dreams and passions in life are. Motivated by this life passion along with a variety of individual and group treatments, our clients can achieve their recovery goals. We also offer a structured sober living environment for our clients.

Our customized addiction recovery treatments can help individuals whether it is their first attempt to quit heroin or they’ve relapsed and require further rehabilitation. Regardless of your situation, contact us for information on how we can help.

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