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Holistic Addiction Treatment

When recovering from addiction, the goal is to relearn how to live a full and rewarding life without turning to drug or alcohol use. Traditionally, this involves exploring the reasons for the addiction through individual or group addiction counseling with highly trained therapists. While these methods are often effective, the chance of relapse can be further diminished when holistic treatments are integrated into one’s rehabilitation. Although holistic therapies for addiction have become increasingly popular with top rehab facilities such as True, not every facility offers them as an option. But alternative therapies can play a key role in an individualized treatment plan, offering another mechanism for people to work through their addiction and avoid a relapse.

What is Holistic Therapy?

To best understand what holistic therapy means, it is helpful to understand the word “holistic.” “Holistic” has roots in the word “holism,” which is a belief that one must understand or study the whole in order to understand the parts and that the parts cannot be understood without understanding the whole.

Therefore, a holistic approach to therapy is one that is designed for the treatment of the overall or whole individual, which would include the mind and the body, versus treating the addiction alone. Holistic therapies are alternative therapies that are non-medicinal and can be included along with more traditional treatments.

Types of Holistic Therapy for Addiction Recovery

A variety of holistic addiction therapies can help people working toward recovery. These therapies treat one’s emotional, physical, and mental self and often incorporate Eastern philosophies.

Common options can range from exercise to massage. In our quest to aid our clients in a successful recovery, True Recovery offers acupuncture for drug addiction as well as a variety of other holistic treatments at our facility. Our clients may participate in tai chi, meditation, and art therapy. We even offer yoga for addiction therapy.

How Does it Help?

Holistic therapy such as acupuncture for addiction can be helpful for both short- and long-term recovery. Participation in yoga for addiction and other more physical holistic therapy types can help one develop an interest in their physical fitness and make them more in tune with their body and its needs. These tools can help provide individuals with the necessary confidence to cope with underlying issues that may be at the root of their addiction. In addition, they may also help bolster one’s ability to resist cravings for alcohol or drugs.

How to Start

True in Newport Beach, CA, can help you get started on your path toward addiction recovery, whether you are entering rehab for the first time or you’ve slipped and need to return. In addition to offering treatment such as acupuncture for addiction, we also offer addiction counseling in group and individual sessions.

Our highly trained staff will help customize a plan that involves exploring your life passions, gaining new skills to pursue them, and setting goals. We accept most private insurance plans, and you can verify your coverage with a simple form.

Contact us, and we will provide you with information about our customized alternative rehab programs and our structured sober living option and answer any questions that you may have regarding acupuncture for drug addiction therapy or any of our other treatment options, holistic or traditional.