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Kat Smith

Brand & Outreach Manager

Kat Smith started working in the recovery field in 2017, first as a live-in house manager, moving her way into an entry-level support staff position then growing to where she is today as the True Recovery’s Alumni Relations Coordinator. Having her own experience being in Recovery, she knew she wanted a career with a purpose to which she had passion for and she found that here at True Recovery.

About Kat Smith
Kat has worked at True Recovery since 2018 because she believes in the work we do here. Here at True Recovery, Kat gets to spend time getting to know the clients and try to be helpful to them in their journey to recreate their lives. When not at True Recovery, Kat loves hiking and exploring the world. Kat is trying to see all of the national parks in the next 5 years.

Why did you choose to work at True Recovery?
“I get to give back every day by being helpful in the clients lives. I really believe that I owe them what someone once gave me, which is another chance to try and have a meaningful and successful life. A few years ago someone gave me the tools to create a better life for myself and now I get to show so many people, with the same issues I had, how to turn their lives around, and not only to become successful but to become healthier emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I get to help people every day completely re-create their lives, and there is nothing more rewarding then that.”

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