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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a directive client-centered counseling approach that aims to move an individual away from a state of uncertainty and closer towards finding the motivation to make positive changes, accomplish established goals, and resolve ambivalence. Motivational interviewing is commonly used to address substance abuse and addiction along with the management of health conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart disease, and asthma. The intervention is designed to help people become motivated to change their thoughts and actions to make healthier decisions.

How does Motivational Interviewing Work?

The motivational interviewing process is twofold. The first goal is geared towards increasing the person’s motivation to create change and the second part is for the person to truly commit to making changes.

In motivational interviewing, the therapist is more about listening rather than interviewing.

Instead of simply stating a desire to change, hearing themselves state a commitment out loud has been shown to increase a client’s ability to follow through with those changes. Motivational interviewing has also been shown to be effective for people who express anger or hostility.

What are the Benefits of Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing works by helping people find the strength needed to make changes to unhealthy habits and behaviors. A therapist will provide motivational tactics to increase the drive for change and positivity. The overall goal of motivational interviewing is to allow for a more successful recovery through the envisionment of positive outcomes. Some other commonly noted benefits include:
  • EHelping to trigger a change in risky lifestyle behaviors
  • EIncrease a person’s will to find help for their addiction
  • EIncreases a person’s participation during their treatment
  • ELessens the chance of future relapses from occurring

Starting Motivational Interviewing

Call True in Newport Beach, CA, to take advantage of motivational interviewing for addiction treatment today. We are a full continuum of care that not only provides our clients with motivational interviewing but also a range of additional therapies and treatments that can work in conjunction with it. In addition, we can connect you to highly structured sober living and the ability for clients to bring their pets with them for treatment and therapy at our Newport Beach facility.