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When entering recovery, it is essential that you understand the process and what you need. At True Recovery, we offer a variety of services that can help aid you during the early stages of the recovery process and remove the stress that is often associated with recovery or treatment. Your treatment plan should be catered to suit your individual needs, as some people may require more services than others.

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Detox begins a healing process that cleanses the body and allows individuals to think clearer, regain their strength and prepare for the journey ahead. It is essential that detox is a positive and safe experience. It sets the stage for the rest of treatment and reinforces the desire to live a life free of drugs or alcohol, so ensuring that clients are healthy, comfortable, and engaged throughout is vital to their long-term success.

Residential (PHP)

Residential treatment is the best option for those who wish to focus solely on their path to recovery. Beginning the journey towards recovery at a certified and licensed residential addiction treatment center allows clients to focus on their recovery without distractions, temptations, or triggers. True Recovery’s residential treatment program in Orange County, California, offers clients the tools and skills they need while treating them with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive outpatient treatment is a treatment program for those that do not require a medically-supervised detox, cannot commit to long-term care, or have recently completed a drug or alcohol residential rehab. At True Recovery, we offer individualized intensive outpatient programs that allow you to work on your recovery and move toward your life goals while maintaining control over your professional and personal life.

Individualized Extended Care

Individualized extended Care is a treatment that typically occurs after a residential or primary program to provide patients with ongoing support as they pursue lasting recovery. Clients can receive therapeutic treatments in an outpatient setting and then return home in the evening. Extended Care is ideal for individuals who have already completed a detox program and are transitioning out of a higher level of care but want ongoing support as they return to their daily lives.

Pet-Friendly Alcohol & Drug Rehab

True Recovery is one of the few pet-friendly rehab centers in Orange County. Not only is pet-friendly treatment a convenient service, we believe having your pet with you during the early stages of recovery will be beneficial to the effectiveness of your treatment and help you maintain sobriety. Rather than turn your four-legged friends away, we actually encourage you to bring a companion because we have seen the positive effects of pet-friendly therapy.  Your pet will likely serve as a companion, friend, and support system during your recovery journey.

Sober Living

Transitioning from addiction to clean living can be a difficult, frightening, and lonely experience; it’s important that you are comfortable throughout the process. Fortunately, there are many sober living homes in Orange County that can play a part in easing you back into a substance-free lifestyle. Sober living houses provide a safe, comfortable, and highly-structured place for individuals to begin their transition to drug-free living with the guidance of counselors and the support of others who are also recovering from addiction.


After leaving treatment, the first five years of recovery will be the hardest. During this time, you’re still mastering the key behaviors, lifestyle changes, and coping skills you’ve learned to stay sober, but this can be hard to do without support. An alumni program provides a lifeline to the kind of support you’ll need as you transition back into daily life, keeping you engaged and connected with peers who can help you navigate the pitfalls of early recovery.

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