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Person Centered Extended Care

Illness or disease never waits for a convenient time to strike, and addiction is no exception. After deciding to seek help, however, many are dismayed at the thought of putting everything on hold, and the commitment that most recovery programs require becomes an obstacle. At True, we know that residential or inpatient treatment isn’t always feasible, especially for those with personal, professional, or familial responsibilities that prevent them from being away for any length of time.

That’s why we offer Extended Care, a flexible approach to recovery that allows you to receive high-quality addiction treatment while remaining at home or in sober living. In Extended Care, clients participate in the same therapeutic treatments used in higher levels of care, including experiential, holistic, and evidence-based therapies, one-on-one counseling, and various recovery fellowships, but without disrupting daily life. Designed to address a wide range of mental health and substance use disorders. True’s Extended Care program offers a new path for clients to discover a life free of addiction and dependency.

What is Extended Care?

Extended Care is a treatment that typically occurs after a residential or primary program to provide patients with ongoing support as they pursue lasting recovery. It is more flexible than inpatient care, with clients able to receive therapeutic treatments in an outpatient or partial hospitalization (PHP) setting and then return home in the evening. Not only does this allow participants to live independently and manage any personal, professional, or familial responsibilities they may have, it also gives them the opportunity to practice their new recovery skills in the real world.

If particularly difficult obstacles arise that threaten their sobriety, clients will have the support and guidance of their recovery team to help them stay on track. At True, our goal is to give clients the tools they’ll need to achieve lasting sobriety while renewing their confidence in their ability to maintain it long after treatment.

Is Extended Care Right for Me?

Extended Care is ideal for individuals who have already completed a detox program and are transitioning out of a higher level of care but want ongoing support as they return to their daily lives. It may also be appropriate for clients who want to get sober but are unable to participate in a residential treatment program. Not all clients have the same circumstances or situations, and many choose Extended Care because they’re not required to spend weeks away from their friends or family and can return to sober living or home after a day of intensive treatment.

Some of the steps we take to ensure deeply personalized care include:


Comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning


A consistent program running five to seven days per week


Weekly medication management with a psychiatric provider


Progress reviews on treatment goals


Attention to any concerns or challenges you are experiencing

At True Recovery, your treatment may also include a number of unique therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, depending on your particular needs. We offer a wide range of experiential, holistic, and psychotherapies that address the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of recovery, so you can find an approach that resonates with you. When you have met your goals in Extended Care, you will then be considered for step-down to our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to continue your recovery journey.

Although not every treatment program is right for all clients, other factors that can help determine if Extended Care is right for you to include:

  • EYou don't meet the diagnostic requirement for residential treatment
  • EAlready completed or don't need detox
  • E24/7 monitoring not required
  • EYou are unable to commit to residential care
  • ENeed a flexible treatment schedule
  • EWant to begin living more independently
  • EHave a stable, recovery-oriented home environment
  • EYou're prepared to take charge of your own recovery

Regardless of where you’re at in the recovery process, Extended Care at either an outpatient or PHP level provides the structure and guidance to help you achieve your recovery goals and stay focused on your sobriety long after treatment. At True Recovery, our experienced team will work closely with you and your family to determine if Extended Care is right for you and ensure that you receive the treatment that will give you the best possible chance at lasting recovery.

Treatment Plans

At True, we know there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in addiction recovery, so our programs are highly personalized based on your specific needs. To provide a truly transformative experience, our addiction specialists work closely with you to craft an individualized treatment plan utilizing techniques that emphasize your particular strengths, beliefs, and goals.

At True, our treatments are all about you. Our individualized and unique treatment models ignite real transformations through a combination of advanced psychological and psychiatric techniques, evidence-based care, and holistic modalities. Clients in Extended Care receive this same high-level of treatment in an outpatient or PHP format, participating in therapeutic recovery activities five hours per day, five days a week. Depending on your individual needs, Extended Care programs last for 30, 60, or 90 days, during which you’ll be exposed to proven techniques to help you heal from addiction, such as:

  • EIndividual and group therapy
  • ESpeciality and peer groups
  • EMedication-assisted treatment
  • E12-step programs
  • ESMART and LifeRing
  • ECognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • EDialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • EEye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • EMotivational interviewing (MI)
  • EOther advanced psychotherapies
  • EFamily program
  • EHolistic treatments
  • ERecreational therapy
  • EAftercare and discharge planning

Extended care programs usually occur Monday through Friday, and while PHP is more intensive than outpatient care, you’ll still have the flexibility to continue to keep your job, attend classes or manage daily responsibilities while enrolled in treatment. We know that for many, being able to pursue their professional, academic or personal goals while in recovery is essential to a sober life, so we encourage clients to explore their potential and rediscover the dreams they had before drugs or alcohol took over. To help clients stay on track and continue to achieve personal growth after Extended Care, we also provide aftercare planning that can help them build a better life for themselves and their families.

How Do I Get Started?

At True, we know that it isn’t always possible to put your life on hold to enter treatment. As an important part of our continuum of care, we offer Extended Care and PHP options as an alternative to residential programs or as a step-down treatment that provides ongoing support for those already in recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance addiction or abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Located in beautiful Newport Beach, California, our treatment facility is an ideal setting for recovering from addiction. Just a bike ride from the beach with convenient highway access, you or your loved one will be able to enjoy all the local amenities while healing in comfort.