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Pet-Friendly Recovery

Orange County Pet-Friendly Rehab Center

Did you know that having a pet can lower your blood pressure, decrease feelings of loneliness, and provide tangible social support? In fact, pets even change the biochemistry of our brains, including increasing levels of oxytocin. At True Recovery, we understand how furry friends can help us socialize, elevate our moods, and provide unconditional love.

This is the same brain chemical that is to thank for a mother’s happiness with her newborn baby and is linked to slower heart rates and inhibited stress hormones. It’s no wonder why pups are considered man’s best friend!

Pets are able to make you laugh and can help establish a sense of trust. Since lack of trust serves as a benchmark for many addictions and mental disorders, a sense of trust in the early stages of recovery can be vital to continued success.

True is one of the few pet-friendly rehab centers in Orange County. Rather than turn your four-legged friends away, we actually encourage you to bring a companion because we have seen the positive effects of pet-friendly therapy. During your recovery journey, your pet will likely serve as a companion, friend, and support system.

As clients begin to progress through the various stages of addiction treatment, pets can help their parents by allowing them to cope with many of their restored emotions. Generally, a more relaxed atmosphere is established with pets present, allowing for bonds to form between clients.

How Pets Can Help in Recovery?

Taking care of your pet also helps shift your focus away from yourself and onto outside responsibilities. Pets can also help clients through recovery by providing a source of physical activity, which in turn, helps reduce the risk of depression.

Pets are also able to provide a great sense of security. When first entering an addiction treatment facility, it’s common to feel out of place, at least in the early stages of recovery. Adjusting to a new living situation can be made much easier with your furry companion next to you.