Welcome to The New Normal

It’s hard to argue against the statement that 2020 forever changed our already-demanding collective way of life. And while news of a vaccine for COVID-19 may soon prompt a return to what most of us knew as “normal”, some aspects of our lives will be forever changed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve all already heard the phrase “new normal”, but what this really means is that most of our lives will be a hybrid of what we knew from before the pandemic & what we’ve come to know since it began.

But what does this mean for healthcare, and more specifically, mental health and addiction? While telehealth has expanded our capacity to help those who are struggling, identifying the presence of these conditions from afar has become a new & densely layered challenge. The act of initiating a treatment experience for someone who is struggling has not become any easier either.

Mental Health In The Workplace

Similarly, with some forms of physical distance seemingly ready to become part of this next normal, workplace interactions have become intrinsically more important to how mental health is preserved and treated. For many of us, engaging with our colleagues is the primary outlet we have for personal interaction, and with that interaction being distinctly different now, coworkers may be the first to see or be affected by someone’s mental health condition, even when it’s over a video conference.

So, how do those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 get help? How do those with exposure anxiety get help? How do their colleagues & loved ones step in? And how do employers address addiction & mental health in the workplace, when the workplace is now most employees’ homes? In short: education, preparation, and prevention.

With this series of videos, infographics, quizzes & blog posts, our goal is to help those in need identify a safe and secure treatment path. Employers and supervisors can utilize these resources to help identify when a colleague is struggling and may need help. Those who may simply be “at risk” but not in need of treatment can learn from our expertise and find healthy ways to cope with uncertainty before that manifests in destructive behaviors.


Addiction & Mental Health Questionnaires

If you’re unsure about the well being of yourself or a coworker, please click or tap one of the images, below, to learn more about how addiction or mental health conditions may be a factor.

Anxiety Questionnaire

Depression Questionnaire

Drug Use Questionnaire

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Navigating the intersection of potential COVID-19 exposure, pandemic anxiety, social distancing, remote working & the existing potential for addiction in the workplace is creating new challenges for employers & families alike. We’ve partnered with Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists (PNS) of Orange County to create this helpful video series, below, that helps employers, individuals & their loved ones navigate The New Normal.

Join us as True Recovery’s owner & CEO, Joel Edwards, chats with Alejandro Alva, MD of Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists (PNS) of Orange County, as well as Matthew Kinoshita about how to address mental health in the workplace, when the workplace is also the home, from both the employer & patient perspective.

How COVID-19 Reshapes The Mental Health Needs of Our Workforce

Navigating the Collision of Public Health Crises: COVID-19 & Substance Use

A Holistic Approach To Treating Mental Health In The Pandemic

Defining “The New Normal”, In and Beyond The Pandemic

Maintain A Commitment To Our Mental Health During The Pandemic

Understanding Work-Life-Balance & Our Resources In The New Normal


Adjusting to the new normal is challenging for those who have mental health conditions or possibly addiction issues that may be affecting their work & personal lives. True Recovery has partnered with Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists (PNS) of Orange County to create these helpful infographics for the working professional to help keep their mental health in check while working from home and navigating the new normal.

Seven Ways The Pandemic Is
Affecting Our Mental Health

Working Remotely During COVID-19:
Your Mental Health & Well-Being

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