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True Family Program

This two-day comprehensive program provides an opportunity for not only clients but the family as a whole to begin the healing process within the recovery journey.

Through our program, families will learn how to identify what they can control and what they cannot. A major focus of this program will help families to learn to let go of taking responsibility for their loved one’s addiction and recovery process. It is the goal of the True Family Program to ensure that families comprehend the nature and consequences of addiction and develop new positive ways to manage anxiety and flourish within personal healing and individual recovery.

What To Expect

Through exercises, activities, and discussions, our clinical staff will guide family members in recognizing the various ways each family has been impacted by alcohol and drug abuse.

Family members who participate in our program will discover that in dealing with the fears and chaos surrounding substance abuse, they have adopted similar unhealthy behaviors as their addicted loved one, such as denial, secret-keeping, or isolation.

The True Family Program curriculum is designed to educate family members on the disease of addiction and adopt new methods of coping to re-create the True Family System. In keeping with our mission of re-telling our True Family Stories, our vision for our clients and families alike is to bring healing and guidance as they tell their new True story.

How Can I Learn More?

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